Meet the Leaders
Group Leader: Don Law: A seasoned trader, Don has been trading lumber and specialty products for over 32 years with his colleagues in the Southern group after graduating with a degree in Industrial Management from the University of Southern Mississippi. "I really enjoy the friendships with our customers that stem from the partnerships we have developed."

Married for 33 years, Don and his wife, Carol, spend time with their family, their teenage daughter and grown son, along with his family and kids, ages 3 and 9.

Phone: 800-665-3205
Meet the Traders
Grant Burns: Grant is going on his third year here with us at Southern Mississippi Trading. Grant is heavy into the SYP market, but is also involved in hardwood and SPF trading as well.

Grant is a native of Waynesboro, MS and an avid golfer, a scholarship athlete for his entire time in college. He graduated from Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College with an associate degree in Business Administration. He also received a BS in Business Administration from Blue Mountain College. Grant is a family man. He and his wife Layla will be celebrating their second anniversary in November and he has a 3 month old son named Brae.

Phone: 866-447-3545 or 601-671-3247

Steve Blackwell: An experienced trader, Steve has been with the Southern team for over 30 years, even though he graduated with a Masters in Music Education. Steve trades various building materials with a focus on lumber, OSB, plywood and shingles. "It is important to me that my customers know they can depend on my word." And Steve always lives up to his word.

Married for 37 years, Steve and his wife, Debbie, have three grown daughters and three grandsons ranging in ages from 3 to 5.

Phone: 800-418-3209
Ronny Brewer: With 33 years trading experience, Ronny is a seasoned veteran in the wholesale building materials. He knows lumber and loves making win-win deals with his customers and suppliers.

During his free time, he enjoys fishing for bass and crappie, collecting antique fishing reels and lures. Married to Phyllis for 46 years, they have two grown boys and five lovely grandkids ranging from 8 to 12 years.

Phone: 800-418-3214
Email: Ronny.brewer@southernmisstrading
Donnie Burke: Donnie joined the Southern team 34 years ago. An experienced trader, Donnie knows lumber and he loves to sell it, lots of it.

Married for 40 years, Donnie and his wife, Glenda, have two children and two grandchildren. Fishing for bass, red snapper and any salt water fish is Donnie's favorite pastime as well as spending time with his grandkids, ages 9 and 4. During football season, Donnie is fan of the Alabama Crimson Tide and also follows the local high school football program.

Phone: 866-212-6804
Dodd Cain: Dodd is in his second year of trading with Southern Mississippi Trading. With a focus on industrial lumber and panel products, Dodd is busy building partnerships with both established and potential customers. “I’m proud to offer Southern Yellow Pine, SPF, and hardwood solutions to my customers’ industrial lumber needs.”

Dodd is the proud father of three children ages 13,12, and 8. He is active in his local church and community. Outside of work, he’s an avid turkey hunter, and enjoys other types of hunting, as well as, fishing, and outdoor sports. Dodd graduated from Indianola Academy, and attended both Mississippi Delta Community College and Mississippi State University.

Phone: 866-212-6713
Caleb Clanton: As a new member of the Southern Miss Trading Team, Caleb is eager to learn and expand his knowledge about the products. He genuinely enjoys meeting new people and is enthusiastic about developing new customers and building long-standing partnerships with them by meeting their needs with great products, great pricing, and great service with integrity and dependability.

Caleb’s love of people, history, and community compels him to learn about people he meets and their connections to people he already knows. He maintains a genealogy website with many old photographs for several local family surnames including; McIlwain, Britton, Dyess, McRae, etc.

Phone: 800-418-3217
Bill Davis: A seasoned trader, Bill has been with the Southern team for 30 years trading industrial lumber and shingles. He graduated with a BSBA from the University of Southern Mississippi. Over the years, Bill has established deep friendships with his customers, making his job very enjoyable.

Married for 26 years, Bill and his wife, Marcell, have one grown child. Bill is active in the local church. During his spare time, Bill can be found fishing with his friends.

Phone: 866-212-6802
Koko Davis: Koko is a new trader. She brings her enthusiasm, the love of meeting new people, and previous work experience to succeed at Southern Miss Trading. She graduated with an Associates of Arts degree from Jones County Junior College.

Koko has traveled much in her life. She has lived in several different places between Pascagoula, MS all the way to Green Bay, WI. She is not afraid of change or a good challenge. On Koko’s off time, she enjoys spending time with her husband Bruce and daughter ShalaKo. Koko enjoys riding horses and spending time outdoors with her family, taking pictures and enjoying the beauty of nature.

Phone: 866-212-6806
Paul Frasier: For thirteen years, Paul has traded a wide range of building materials ranging from roofing shingles and siding to OSB, plywood and SYP lumber and boards. He graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi with a BSBA in Industrial Management.

Married to Vicki for 18 years, Paul likes to spend time doing outdoor activities especially deer and turkey hunting and catfishing on the Chickasawhay River in Southern Mississippi. Paul enjoys serving in local church. He also enjoys following SEC Football.

Phone: 800-418-3212
BJ Freeman: BJ joined the SMT team in December 2012. He strives in being diversified by selling everything that SMT has to offer. His mission is to provide customers with the most satisfying buying experience they have ever experienced. He achieves this by providing quick deliveries and always competitive pricing.

BJ was born and raised in Waynesboro. He recently married his long-time girlfriend, Shannon, in January 2016. During his free time BJ can be found outdoors, enjoying everything that south Mississippi has to offer from fishing to hunting. When not hunting or fishing, he and Shannon enjoy traveling and spending time with their dog Aldo, a German Short-Haired Pointer.

Phone: 800-731-3215
Kary Graham: Kary has been a team member of the Southern team for over 13 years. His product specialties are plywood and OSB. Kary really enjoys what he does especially developing friendships with his customers.

With two grown children, Kary and his wife, Joyce, keep busy spending time with their three young grandkids, ages six, three and one. Serving on his local church council, Kary is active in volunteer activities. During his off-time, he takes walks in the forest for the view and exercise.

Phone: 800-731-3202
Adam Graham: Adam is in his second year with the SMT team. He graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi with a BS in Business Administration degree. Adam knows that the best partnerships are built on trust and looks forward to working diligently to meet his customers’ needs. Adam is heavy in the southern yellow pine, hardwood, and panel markets.

Adam played baseball at Jones County Junior College before transferring to the University of Southern Mississippi to finish his degree. He loves to hunt and fish and can be found many mornings on a lake or in a duck blind when he is not working. Adam loves spending time with his family, and him and Jordan had their first child in August of 2016, Chloe Grace.
Phone: 800-616-3216 or 601-671-3216
Terry Heathcock: For over 34 years, Terry has traded lumber for the Southern group and built long-term relationships with his customers and suppliers. Lumber is in his blood. "I get satisfaction putting deals together to make profits for my customer and my team."

Terry has been married to Cindy for 35 years. Together they have two sons, Clint and Colby. When he is not working, Terry can be found outdoors doing many activities including golfing and hunting.

Phone: 800-435-3207
Dale Hill: For almost 10 years, Dale has been trading a wide range of hardwood products. He loves to build long-term relationships with his customers and feels satisfaction knowing that he is filling a need that they have.

Dale has three daughters ranging from 8 to17. Softball is the main sport in the Hill household and Dale spends a lot of his spare time teaching pitching and hitting to all three daughters. When he's not involved in baseball or softball, Dale likes to hunt and fish and laugh with his friends.

Phone: 866-447-3550
Jay Hutto: With a BS degree in Marketing from the University of Southern Mississippi, Jay has traded hardwood for the Southern group for over 29 years. He knows a lot of people in the industry and enjoys developing long-term relationships with his customers and suppliers.

Married for 24 years, Jay and his wife, Frankie, spend lots of time with their two daughters, Summer and Mackenzie. During weekends and evenings, they are busy on their blueberry farm. Often you'll find Jay helping with church activities, at the local high school football games or hunting in the outdoors.

Phone: 800-458-3261
Junior Lipps: A retail manager for Walmart for 13 years, JR joined the Southern team almost eight years ago and has never regretted his decision. Graduated with a BSBA in Marketing and Finance from the University of Southern Mississippi, JR sells everything from shingles, porcelain tile, to hardwood flooring and lumber. "I love bringing value to my customers through great pricing and products and unbeatable service."

JR and his wife, Selena, have two children, Noah and Gabbie. In his free time, JR enjoys sports and is known by his friends as a college football fanatic, especially SEC football. He coaches both his son and daughter in soccer and baseball/softball and partakes in any outdoor activity including hunting and fishing.

Phone: 866-212-6799 or 601-671-3223
Ann Lowery: With 27 years experience in the building materials industry, Ann has a passion for selling building products, from tile and roofing to lumber. Energetic and enthusiastic, she's developed many long-term relationships with her customers. "I enjoy helping people grow their business as well as the daily interactions with mills and customers. Our team works well together which enables us to take advantage of buying opportunities."

Fun times are spent with her husband Jeff, 3 children and five grandchildren.

Phone: 800-398-3270
Jonathan McMichael: Jonathan joined the Southern team in May of 2012 and hasn’t looked back. With a background in trading industrial lumber, Jonathan is very passionate about his job. He takes pride assisting his customer’s in purchasing products in a fast pace market place. "Every transaction that my customer and I make is another step toward success. I am only as successful as my customers", he says.

Jonathan is the proud father of a beautiful baby girl Bella-Clare. In his time away from the office, Jonathan enjoys spending time with his family and friends cooking outdoors and attending sporting events.

Phone: 800-518-3260
Drew Morris: Drew joined SMT in 2014. As an experienced salesman Drew brings his knowledge of the construction industry to the trading floor. Drew looks forward to getting to know his customers and assisting them in finding the best deals for their money.

Away from the office Drew is very active with his church youth group activities. He is also known to slip away for a while to just enjoy the great outdoors and fish or hunt. Drew recently married Kaitlin his long term girlfriend.

Phone: 800-355-3206
Destin Morris: Destin Morris earned a Bachelor’s degree in Speech Communications from William Carey University and has been involved in sales for years. Destin’s focus is eclectic, in that he deals heavily in both industrial lumber and specialty products.

Destin is also a pastor, and is passionate about ministering in intercultural settings. He and his wife of six years, Hope, have three daughters: Khloe, Kinslee, and Kami-Jo. He enjoys time with his family, hunting, and working on his 55-acre farm.

Phone: 866-212-6803
Josh Nicholson: Joshua loves his job. Selling tile, lumber, insulation and roofing, Joshua looks at every deal as a challenge. "Each customer has a different personality and different needs. I love helping each of them. If they weren't different, the world to me would be boring."

Joshua also wants to earn his customers' trust. "With each sale I make, we are one step closer to building a relationship based on trust."

Away from the office, Joshua enjoys doing just about any outdoor activity including hunting and fishing. "I like practically anything outdoors as long as I am having good time doing it," he laughs. Josh is a Nascar fanatic and admires #88 Dale Earnhardt Jr. Josh is also very close to his family and they do a lot of things together. "I feel blessed to have such a big close family."

Phone: 866-212-6798
Bobby Odom: Graduated from Livingston University with a Bachelor of Science, Bobby has been with the Southern team for 20 years now. A seasoned trader, Bobby's main focus is hardwood products and he loves to talk about it. "I get satisfaction knowing I've provided the right product for my customers and sold it to them for the best price available."

Married for 37 years, Bobby and his wife, Cindy, have two grown children and two young grandkids with one on the way. Outside work, Bobby enjoys watching sports and working on his cattle farm.

Phone: 866-447-3554
Brent Palmer:Brent joined the SMT team and the trading industry in late 2017. Brent background was in the oil and gas industry, mostly as a welder and fabricator. Brent looks forward to the challenges this new job will bring and looks forward to learning all he can from all of the SMT team.

Brent is married for 16 years to his wife Mitzie. They have 2 boys Brannon age 6 and Jerron age 2. Brent enjoys hunting, fishing, coaching youth football for his son, and a lot more outdoor activities. Spending time with his family is definitely his favorite thing to do.

Phone: 866-212-6807
Matt Runnels: Matt Runnels joined the lumber and specialty items trading business in early 2017. As a new member of the Southern Miss Trading Team, Matt is eager to learn. Matt is a native of Buckatunna , MS. He has a Degree in welding and metal trades from Jones County Junior College. He is looking forward to meeting new people, and building a career in the lumber business.

Matt is married for 9 years to wife Jessica and they have 2 children, Caleb and Carter. He am an associate pastor and enjoy spending time with my family and my church. He also enjoy archery and bow hunting

Phone: 800-506-3234 or 601-671-3234
Adam Rigney: Adam grew up in Waynesboro, Ms. He is married to the love of his life Staci and they have two children, Avery and Elle, ages five and eight. Adam graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi with a BS in Geology. He spent eighteen years working in the oil and gas business before coming to SMT.

Adam enjoys spending time with his wife and kids, helping coach his son’s baseball team as well as hunting deer and ducks. He understands the value of hard work and persistence in accomplishing goals. A famous person once said, “Nothing great was ever accomplished without enthusiasm.” Adams use of enthusiasm, attitude and work ethic provides an added value to all his valued customers.

Phone: 800-418-3231
Nick Roll: A former head chef in the culinary business, Nick has been with SMT since February 2014. With his Grandfather owning several sawmills while growing up in South Mississippi, Nick has been around lumber from an early age. He believes strongly on keeping his customers satisfied and desiring to keep coming back for more business. His daily “to do” list is his most important part of the day. Specializes in dimensional lumber, panels, flooring products, and roofing supplies.

Nick enjoys spending time with family and friends. Whenever he is not trading, he is running whatever Ultra Trail Marathon he can find. A graduate of Tri-County Technical College in Pendleton, SC, where he was the captain of the Men’s Soccer team. He loves college football and especially watching his Clemson Tigers.

Phone: 800-593-3210 or 601-671-3210
Matt Trigg: Matt Trigg is from Waynesboro, MS. Matt played 2 years of baseball at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College. Matt studied mathematics for 1 year at Ole Miss and is finishing his degree at the University of Southern Miss. He is graduating in 2018 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and Liberal Arts. Matt believes in a strong work ethic, dedication, discipline, and taking care of business.
He enjoys hunting, fishing, sports, anything outdoors. While in school, Matt was a part time lumber associate at The Home Depot for 2 years. Positivity is contagious.

Phone: 800-418-3229 or 601-671-3229
Bidmer Walker: Bidmer Walker (B.J.) is a member of the SMT trading team, and is eager to build relationships & friendships with customer & suppliers. Bidmer looks forward to bringing business management experience to this industry and providing his partners with the knowledge, service, and products they need.

Bidmer loves spending time with his wife Melissa and their new son Jack. He is an avid outdoorsman and a baseball fanatic.

Phone: 800-418-3218 or 601-671-3218
Mike Walker: Mike started with the Southern team 21 years ago. He trades various products including roofing and downfall panels. He takes pride in his job and works hard to meet the needs of his customers.

Married to Lisa for 24 years, they are raising two daughters. Working on the farm takes up a lot of his pastime, but Mike enjoys trivia, especially pop culture and civil war trivia. He also hunts turkeys and cooks for his family and friends.

Phone: 866-447-3549
Shawn Walters: : Shawn Walters joined the lumber and specialty items trading business in early 2017. Shawn comes from the steel industry with 21 years of experience. Customers are like family to Shawn

Shawn has been married for 16 years to Tina, a Texas native. He has one son, Dustin, who is 13 yrs. old. His time consist of coaching his son’s baseball team and travelling with him to other sporting events. His other interests consist of golfing, football, basketball and baseball.

Phone: 800-731-3204